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Application Software Development
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JTS focuses on various methodologies to ensure the best and affordable way to meet client requirements. It also has a wide vision over actual core implementation and other required implementations of client requirements. JTS follows the key factors to develop various software application products.

  • Desktop Software Application Development

  • To can develop any kind of desktop application software for our customers as per there requirement for there personal or business needs.
  • Business Application Software Development

  • We have tremendous exposure towards developing Small Scale / Larges Scale Software Applications. Eg. Frontdesk Applications, ERP, CRM.
  • Inventory / Billing Software Application Development

  • We can develop Customized Inventory Application Software’s and Billing Software Applications for Retailers, Shopkeepers, etc.
  • Web Based Application Development (Online/Offline)

  • Application with centralized database to access from various geographical locations using desktop software applications.

Our Products / Services
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  • Billing Softwares, Inventory & Stock Maintenance System
  • Barcoded & Serialized Stock Maintenance System
  • Any type of Customized Application Development
  • High Quality Methodology for Quality Assured Products
  • Schools / Colleges / Hotels / Restaurants / Lodging / Glossary Management Systems
  • After Product Delivery Support for Lifetime
  • User Friendly API & One Click Installation Application

Key Factors

  • Software Design
  • Actual core implementation
  • Other required implementations
  • Participation in software product definition, including Business case or Gap analysis
  • Specification
  • Requirements analysis
  • Development and refinement of throw-away simulations or prototypes to confirm requirements
  • Feasibility and Cost-benefit analysis, including the choice of application architecture and framework, leading to the budget and schedule for the project
  • Authoring of documentation needed by users and implementation partners etc.
  • Testing, including defining/supporting acceptance testing and gathering feedback from pre-release testers
  • Participation in software release and post-release activities, including support for product launch evangelism (e.g. developing demonstrations and/or samples) and competitive analysis for subsequent product build/release cycles
  • Maintenance

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Enterprise Application Development


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